THE WITCHES’ GRIMOIRE: Art By Sabrina Cintron

Meet the coven.

Meet the coven.


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The Witches’ Grimoire begins as daily character designs. But soon, light and dark magic battle for power, and the coven becomes entangled in a spellbinding war.

Illustrator and comics artist Sabrina Cintron (La Borinqueña, Freak Comix, Puerto Rico Strong), presents this collection of thirty-one witches that will cast the viewer in a creative spell. Her style draws upon classic comic book storytelling and adds a modern twist. The shift from character studies to full blown comic book action is subtle, but driving.

Grab your spellbook and meet the coven.


At Radix Media, we print all of our titles in-house utilizing offset lithography, letterpress, and digital printing. For The Witches’ Grimoire, we wanted to do more than just print black ink on white paper. The interior is offset printed on Neenah Environment PC100 80# text, which is 100% post-consumer recycled. The off-white look of recycled paper naturally gives it an aged look. The cover is letterpress printed in a striking metallic silver on Classic Crest Epic Black 80# cover stock. Finally, for the endpapers we used Neenah Stardream Saturn 74# text weight stock for that extra shimmery touch.


“Since her debut on La Borinqueña, Sabrina has quickly become one of the most versatile young artists out there today. There’s a lot of playfulness and creativity in her work, and she’s only getting started.” —Will Rosado, Artist on La Borinqueña, G.I. JOE, and NOBLE

“Sabrina Cintron’s witches accomplish what all artists hope for: she takes the familiar and makes it brand new. She digs into a well-explored subject with a style that shows a deep understanding of her medium’s traditions, and gives us something—a lineup of women, each her own definition of ‘witch’—that feels fresh and without precedent. We can only hope this chapbook is not the last we see of this cast.” —John Dermot Woods, author/illustrator of The Baltimore Atrocities

“It’s no secret that powerful women who posed a threat to the establishment were the ones accused of witchcraft. As such, these evocative depictions of witches by artist extraordinaire Sabrina Cintron are not to be taken lightly. Through the filter of witches, she gives us an embodiment of radical defiance so very apt to be published by an outfit such as Radix Media. Respect.” —Ganzeer, author/artist of The Solar Grid

“Cintron’s work here is as enticing as it is creative. With a cleanness to her line art, she explores the concepts of witches and magic with dynamic and engaging images that belong on any art shelf.” —Desiree Rodriguez, editor at Lion Forge Comics

The Witches’ Grimoire is a playful collection of drawings by an artist flexing her cartooning chops. Sabrina Cintron is a creator worth keeping an eye on. I’m eager to see what she puts out next.” —Daniel McCloskey, author/illustrator of Free Money and Cloud Town (forthcoming from Abrams ComicArts)

“Sabrina’s art conveys a sense of urgency and motion that cannot be ignored. Stunning!” —Eric Jimenez, Artist & Creator of Pugcentric and Temporal

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"
ISBN: 978-0-9997137-2-3
Format: Saddle-Stitched Chapbook
Pages: 44
Date: February 28, 2019