Radix is a worker-owned enterprise.

Radix is a worker-owned, collectively managed print shop and independent publsher.
Photo credit: Cindy Trinh

What Does it Mean to be Worker-Owned?

Radix is a worker-owned enterprise, meaning that there is no hierarchy of a boss at the top and workers on the ground below. The business is wholly owned by the workers. We believe that workers should have control over their workplace conditions and a voice in the decisions that shape their lives.

How Does Being Worker-Owned Affect the Day-to-Day?

There are many types of worker cooperatives, and while they are more democratic than traditional business models, they still require hierarchy to function. Therefore, we choose to be collectively managed in addition to being worker-owned. This means that we work together to do the work that needs to be done every day.

The person that prints your job may be the same one that handles any number of administrative tasks that are critical to running a business. This lessens the burden on any one person, improves work-life balance, and overall creates a more fulfilling work environment. We count on each other every day. We share in both the ups and downs. We work it, we own it. Together.

Okay, but How Does This Model Affect Me?

Well, it means that everyone at Radix cares about your job. While you may communicate with a single person throughout the whole process, other workers will inevitably touch your project. There is no his, her, or their work. There is only our work, and we take it seriously!