Large Booklets

Booklets are so common and versatile, you likely have many of them around without you even realizing it. All those copies of The New Yorker piling up? Those are booklets! But booklets can be more than just magazines—annual reports, catalogs, short photography monographs, and coloring books all fall under this category.

Quantities range from 250-2,000. Large booklets are 11″ x 17″ flat, folded to 8.5″ x 11″. For half-size booklets, please choose Small Booklets from the list of products. For higher volumes, or custom stocks and sizes, please fill out a custom quote request. 

NOTE: Due to unprecedented supply chain issues, booklet orders are subject to paper availability. If you are on a tight turnaround, please contact us prior to submitting your order.  Please also note that booklet orders cannot be rushed at this time. 


11×17″ folded to 8.5×11″


Black & White ThroughoutFull Color Throughout


250–2,000Contact us for higher volume