Radix Media

Radix Media is a worker-owned printer and publisher that publishes new ideas and fresh perspectives, prioritizing the voices of typically marginalized communities to get to the root of the human experience.


TYPE by Paloma Saint-Denis Lopez
A book functioning as both a series of playful prints and a partial archive of the Radix type collection
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TSG8 - The Solar Grid Issue 8
The Solar Grid Issue 8
An “alien” rebel, a foreign tongue, inter-tribal conflict spanning planets, and a trip down memory lane that will take modern Martians to the origins of The Solar Grid.
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Booklyn is a non-profit organization whose mission is "to promote artists’ books as art and research material and to assist artists and organizations in documenting, exhibiting, and distributing their artwork and archives."
Mayday Space is a collectively-owned social center based in Brooklyn. Read about how they've plugged into feeding families during COVID-19.