Be the Change! A Justseeds Coloring Book is the title of our new book, available November 30th. A coloring book for all ages, our hope is that it will be inspirational and people will feel empowered while decompressing. Molly Fair, a member of the cooperative curated and edited all of the images in the book. Be the Change! is a little different from the work that Justseeds usually publishes, so we thought it’d be great to ask her about the project.
Jamilah King is a staff journalist at Mother Jones Magazine, writing on race, gender, and culture. Read our interview with her on the Radix Media blog.
Radio Dispatch is a daily political podcast, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel. Although their background is in comedy, they’ve built up some serious writing credits with outlets such as, The Nation, Feministing and more. We talked to Molly about their work, the role of comedy in politics, and how they manage to co-exist in what some might regard as two very different worlds.